Battlefielda 2042 Hazard Zone mode

Battlefielda 2042 Hazard Zone mode

Battlefield 2042 will have three types of gameplay at launch: All-out Warfare (which includes Conquest and Breakthrough), Battlefield Portal, and Hazard Zone. We have already written about the first two mods, and now we have learned about the Hazard Zone.

This is a team mode focused on survival, which draws inspiration from Escape from Tarkov. This mode is an elimination PvPvE format, which means that in it all players have only one life and have to look out for other players as well as computer opponents. The plot is that in the Hazard Zone the goal is not to eliminate the opponent but to pick up a certain amount of data and extract them in certain areas of the map.

The Hazard Zone will be played in teams of four players, and there will be eight teams on the map at the same time or a maximum of 32 players. So at least it will be in the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S versions. Seven folders will also be available upon release, which is also used in standard Conquest mode.

Successful data extraction will earn currency for the so-called. black market. In this market, it will be possible to buy certain benefits for the next round of Hazard Zone, such as faster treatment, additional ammunition, increased capacity for carrying data, faster exchange of weapons, etc.

In a typical battlefield flaw, this mode will also support vehicle management, and as far as classes are concerned, we will be able to choose from 10 available specialists from the game itself.

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