eFootball 2022, psychological horror with invisible footballers

eFootball 2022, psychological horror with invisible footballers

It is said that any change is difficult, but it seems that players find it especially difficult to accept the change of PES to eFootball. The free football game eFootball 2022 was officially launched yesterday in its initial edition and the reactions of the audience are frighteningly negative.

On Steam, the game has 10,547 reviews in the first 24 hours, of which only 8% are positive. This made it the worst-rated game in Steam history. Ugh!

While some are trying to find a positive in Konami’s new vision of football, praising the new defense and dribbling system, many are not reconciled with the fact of simplified tactical options, inferior animations, washed-out graphics, disgusting menus, and a bunch of bugs.

eFootball 2022 is thus very quickly a mockery job even among fans who have so far ardently defended PES whenever a competitive game is mentioned. The list of bugs is extremely comical even for an unfinished edition of the game: the players' limbs are placed in unnatural positions, invisible footballers appear on the field, the referee "swims" on the lawn as if made of cardboard.


Several things are currently missing and were present in previous PES games. We don't mean mods like the Master League of myClub - it will come later, but in eFootball you can't currently play a game that is longer or shorter than 5 minutes, there are no quick changes of players, etc.

It will probably all come back one day - maybe in a few months, maybe in a few years. But the question is whether anyone else will care later - at least when it comes to games on consoles and PCs. We had games that managed to make up for their bad start, but Konami’s football series was in an unenviable position even before eFootball, and this move seems like driving the last nail into the coffin of a once respectable football game.

The thing about free-to-play games is the vicious circle of interest and profit. Namely, such games can only work if players want to spend money on them. If eFootball brings disadvantages to Konami in business, there is a chance that the whole project will simply die before it becomes good.

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