God of War for PC is not done by the Sony team

God of War for PC is not done by the Sony team

The announcement of the action game God of War for the PC platform has elicited smiles from many PC players. However, the news is now arriving that is not particularly encouraging. Sony has confirmed that they have outsourced the job of transferring the game to PC to an outside studio in Canada, Jetpack Interactive.

Why isn’t that encouraging news? The experience of PC players so far has not been very good when external teams have subsequently done the porting job. A recent example was Sony's play Horizon Zero Dawn, on whose PC port the Chinese studio Virtuos worked. Horizon was launched on PC in a rather unoptimized state, and the situation improved only after half a year and one 5-6 updates.

The opposite situation was with the PC versions of the former PS4 exclusives, such as Death Stranding and Days Gone, whose PC ports were made by the creators of these games themselves.

In the case of God of War, the fact that Jetpack Interactive worked on the PC version of the first Dark Souls, among other things, does not inspire hope for PC. That version of the game was remembered as one of the worst PC ports in 10 years.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that history will repeat itself with God of War. And it doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a solution if the game isn’t well optimized. However, this is probably not the news that PC gamers wanted to hear.

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