In development is the Ghostbusters game from the creators of Friday The 13: The Game

The games in the Ghostbusters movie series have so far been of polarizing qualities. In short, there have been good ones - once before, and there have been bad ones - mostly in recent years. And just as we’re going to get a new Ghostbusters movie this fall, so’s a new game to follow, probably a little later.

It is run by the Illfonic studio, which now specializes in working on other people's franchises. First, they made Friday The 13th: The Game, and last year the unfortunate Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Given that both of these titles were multiplayer games of an asymmetric format, it is to be assumed that we will get something similar from Ghostbusters as well. That is, we will probably not be bypassed by a game in which one player as a ghost hunts four hunters, and vice versa - four players fight with one ghost.

Also, considering that Friday The 13th and Predator did quite badly with the players and the critics, one should not expect too much from Ghostbusters. But it must be admitted that a multiplayer game on the subject could be fun. Horror titles like Dead By Daylight and Phasmophobia have shown that horror and ghost-themed games can be successful when caught by people with vision.

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