It was discovered when CoD: Warzone moved to the Pacific

It was discovered when CoD: Warzone moved to the Pacific

"Prepare for a truly amazing year" - says the creators of Call of Duty when announcing the seasonal content for the rest of 2021 and the future (until the next game in 2022).

Preparations are already underway: pre-loading CoD: Vanguard is available from last night, for those who have already ordered the game. From November 5, Vanguard will be able to play with 12 operatives and on 20 maps. On the same day, a new anti-cheat system called RICOCHET will be launched for the PC version of Vanguard.

At the end of November, a farewell from Verdansk in Warzone begins. On November 30 and December 1, the Last Hours of Verdansk event will take place, in which the map will most likely be bombed once more and there will be no more playing… until December 2, when the first season of Call of Duty officially starts: Warzone Pacific.

cod road to season one

Then the big things arrive a brand new Caldera map, with the official implementation of anti-cheat software for Warzone. If we understood correctly, on December 2, the owners of CoD: Vanguard will have exclusive access to Warzone Pacific, while everyone else will have to wait until December 3.

As part of the first season, Warzone will get more new weapons and vehicles, while in Vanguard we can expect additional maps and mods and updates for zombies.

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