Rage - On this day

Rage - On this day

Development studio id Software had the luxury of being able to take a lot of time to develop their games. After Quake 3 Arena, they did Doom 3 for five years, and after Doom, the distance to the next game was even bigger - even seven years. The post-apocalyptic shooter Rage was their big stake as the first new IP after Quake.

Rage was announced back in 2007 as a technically revolutionary game developed on a new iteration of the id Tech engine. Her main "advantage" was the megatexture technique, which used wide textures for the exteriors. Rage was in many ways a response to criticism that Doom 3 was a claustrophobic game in the dark hallways - just like the previous two games in the series.

Rage took us to the post-apocalyptic future of 2135, in which the Earth became a desolation full of mutants and bandits after an asteroid impact. We played the role of former Marine Nicholas Raine who sided with the resistance movement against an organization called Authority.

Although Rage boasted a big world, the game itself had one central map while the missions took place in a linear environment. In addition to the shooting, which was quite solid, the player also fought against the bandits in a vehicle that he could upgrade. There were also car races, as a multiplayer smasher mode.

Electronic Arts were initially heated to release the game, but when id Software was purchased from Bethesda, those plans changed. Rage was eventually launched on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms. The game was expected, but very quickly fell into the background next to other hits in 2011. Admittedly, Rage, unlike those hits, will remain immortalized as part of the cult series Breaking Bad, where he was shown in two episodes of the fourth season.

Rage eventually got its sequel in 2019 but was directed by another developer. The series jumped from its gloomy tone in the second part to a brightly colorful look.

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