Rust today gets the missions they give NPCs

Rust today gets missions given by NPCs

Rust has been known for years as a game in which it is not the smartest thing to trust other characters for the reason that most of the population in the game is made up of the players themselves. But that should change with today’s game update that brings the foundation for the long-awaited system of missions, derived from AI characters.

There have been so-called NPCs in Rust before, but now they will "evolve" and give players quests, ie tasks whose solution will bring rewards. The tasks themselves will include the standard mechanics of the game itself, and in some respects will be a kind of tutorial that will teach new players fishing, collecting materials, and searching for treasure.

Initially, the mission system will be designed only for solo adventures, but a co-op option is planned, as well as tasks that include the PvP segment of the game. The developers point out that today we will get the first iteration of missions, and they will evolve and change over time.

Of the other novelties and changes as part of the update comes the new Camper with barbecue, and the horses will create more feces from now on. Yes, someone worked on that as well.

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