Sony is offering a test of its games - for now only in the UK

Sony is offering a test of its games - for now only in the UK

There are several ways to try out games on PlayStation consoles without actually buying them. If the game has a demo version, you can try it that way. For some, PlayStation Now is also an option to access the game catalog based on a monthly subscription. Then we have various alpha/beta testing of games and in rare cases - free trial trials.

Most often you can try Ubisoft games and some more popular multiplayer titles like Overwatch. But it looks like Sony will offer to try out games from its production in the future. They have already started with that, but for now only in the area of ​​Great Britain.

For starters, they offer to try out two games: Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Death Stranding can be tried on both PS4 and PS5, for a total of six hours. Sackboy is only available in the PlayStation 5 version and can be played for a total of five hours.

The difference between the demo version and the trial is that the trial offers practically the whole game - only you can play it for a limited time, and when your trial expires you can't play again but you have to buy the game to continue playing.

Unfortunately, Sony is not as generous with this system as other publishers, and for testing these games, he mentioned one item that could initially deter many from playing. Namely, the test timer does not start when the game is first started, but when the download starts. So, in 5-6 hours of testing, the time required to download the game is taken into account - which could be a problem for users with slower internet.

Admittedly, users have already found a trick on how to avoid this stupid decision. All they have to do is create a double account in the supported region - once the game is downloaded with the first user account, you just need to run it with the second user account to reset the timer.

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