Team Spirit won The International 10 and raised Aegis

Team Spirit won The International 10 and raised Aegis

After ten years, Aegis has returned to the CIS region thanks to Team Spirit who are the winners of The International 2021 tournament. The team that fell to the lower bracket in the first round managed to reach the finals and beat PSG LGD, a team that many considered one of the main favorites this year.

The finals alone were very tense for the fans of both teams as well as for the others who got involved in the broadcast. Team Spirit showed all strength and skill and managed to take the lead - 2 - 0, after which PSG LGD turned things around and won the next two matches. The fifth and final match showed how Team Spirit had the answer to the Tiny-Lycan combination with which LGD showed earlier in the tournament how unstoppable it can be. The boys from the CIS region managed to impose their game, come to a victory, raise Aegis and win $ 18,208,300. It is also worth mentioning that this is the first TI tournament for four players and they have already made history.

As for LGD, they won second place again just like when they lost in the final of the TI 8 tournament, but after a few days of disappointment, they probably won’t be so sad anymore given that they got $ 5,202,400. In the end, all in all, fans of the Dota 2 esports scene can be very pleased because the TI 10 showed top matches and provided a lot of fun.

Among the other novelties that arrived from the tournament is the unveiling of a new hero to be released this fall. It’s about Marca, a character we met in the animated series Dota: Dragon’s Blood that can be viewed on Netflix. In addition, we got a look at the second season coming in the first month of next year.

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