The dinosaur horror The Lost Wild has been announced

The dinosaur horror The Lost Wild has been announced

How about the idea of a game that is inspired by Alien: Isolation and uses narrative elements of Half-Life and Frewatch? Sounds good? And watch out now - there are dinosaurs too! The game is called The Lost Wild and survival horror is first person.

The Lost Wild will be a single-player adventure that will last 6-10 hours and will be a semi-open world. Dinosaurs will behave like animals in it, not like monsters. Therefore, you will not have opponents to kill. In The Lost Wild, we will have traps and weapons that will not be deadly and will serve us to temporarily disable predators or cause a distraction to escape them.


The main character in the game will be an experienced journalist Saskia, trapped on the island where he found himself after a mysterious event. His goal is to escape from the island using all possible available tools like torches, lighters, radios, and the like. To succeed in this, we will have to explore abandoned buildings that are full of various dinosaurs. Every second spent in these buildings will be a risk and reward assessment.

To survive dinosaur encounters, we will have to turn locations and available resources in our favor. Collecting different tools will give us more options to survive in the next encounter, and some of the options will be luring, distracting, hiding in places that more dangerous dinosaurs can’t reach, etc. Or if nothing else succeeds: a good old escape.

The Lost Wild is just in the early stages of development, the trailer the developers have shown was filmed on the game’s pre-alpha build, but don’t let that worry you. Namely, The Lost World is the recipient of an investment from Epic MegaGrants, which means that it is almost certain that the game will not be canceled, which is always good news, especially if it is an original and interesting title like The Lost Wild.

The Great Ape Studio says that the game is already playable, but that they want to dedicate themselves to making the product that comes out in the best possible condition. The Lost Wild could only come out in two or three years. For now, the developers are focusing on the PC version of the game, but they said that versions for the next-gen console are also planned.

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