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The Orange Box - On this day

Today we are talking about the fact that the games will soon cost 80 euros. The only next-gen exclusive in 2020 that doesn’t come on PC is a remake of the 11-year-old game and will cost the aforementioned $80. And watch out now, 14 years ago, a collection of games called The Orange Box was released, which at the then standard price of $ 50 for PC and $ 60 for consoles offered as many as five games, three of which were brand new.

The Orange Box was a collection of Valve’s blockbuster Half-Life series and two smaller projects. It contained both Half-Life 2 and two additional episodes for that top-notch game. Then he brought the unique puzzle adventure Portal and the multiplayer hit Team Fortress 2.

Half-Life was the main dish in that package, but after Episode Two ended tensely and vaguely, other games in the collection stood out. The portal could have been completed in less than two hours, but it delighted the players with its humor and got a sequel that we ranked among the ten best games in the last decade.

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer shooter that is still very popular today and among the most played games on Steam, primarily because it has become free in the meantime, but also because Valve is releasing updates for it 13 years later. 

The Orange Box is rightly remembered as the most valuable collection in the world of video games, and until 2010 it could be bought for ridiculous money - and under ten euros. Admittedly, not all versions of the Orange Box were equally good. The version for the PlayStation 3 was not done by Valve itself but by Electronic Arts, and that version eventually suffered due to very slow loading and unstable performance.

An alternative version called The Black Box was also planned, which was supposed to contain only three new games, without Half-Life 2 and Episode One, and thus cost even less - $ 40-50. However, that version was eventually canceled, and it was never explained why.

Today, The Orange Box on Steam costs $ 16.79. There is also a version for the Xbox 360 on sale for $ 20, and it can be played on the Xbox One console and will live on future Xbox Series consoles.

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