The view of Electronic Arts is that children should not spend money on FIFA games

The view of Electronic Arts is that children should not spend money on FIFA games

A few days ago, an extremely high-quality interview on the topic of FIFA games appeared on the Eurogamer portal. No one after him is much smarter, but it’s fascinating how much journalist Wesley Yin-Poole has pressured his interlocutor, Chris Bruzzo of Electronic Arts with questions about the gambling nature of FIFA games and openness to the pay-to-win scheme. On the other hand, it’s also fascinating that Electronic Arts wanted to talk about these topics at all.

You can read the whole interview on Eurogamer, and we are transmitting some of the juiciest parts.

An Electronic Arts spokesman said in an interview that 8/10 of FIFA game players do not spend real money on FUT Coins. Of the open FUT packages, 9/10 of them open to FUT Coins earned from the game itself. So, 1/10 of the FUT package is opened by paying with real money, and Bruzzo does not see anything controversial in that, because in real football, the advantage is obtained by financial investment. He states that it is entirely up to the player to decide whether to spend the extra money or not.

Bruzzo, however, has the opposite opinion when it comes to children, ie players who are not of legal age. He says they should not spend money on FIFA games. And he states that they have a very small percentage of registered players who are minors.

The answer to the question about gambling is a well-known argument - "But there is no profit from that". To the counter-argument that there is a whole black market for FUT Coins that is easy to get by a simple Google search, Bruzzo resolutely replies that FUT Coins sellers are criminals that Electronic Arts is constantly fighting.

According to Bruzz, FIFA will adapt to the times, but the monetization system for it will not change drastically in the future:

“We need revenue so we can continue to pay developers so they can continue to increase the value of the game and make it even more fun. I don’t see that changing. I think players respond to the entertainment we provide them through the content we distribute in the game. I think we will continue with that. " Bruzzo concluded.

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