Goalgetter has been announced - a simulator of football life on and off the field

Goalgetter - a simulator of football life on and off the field

We have a football manager simulation, we even have a football horror called eFootball 2022, so why not have a football player simulator? At the end of 2022, just such a game is coming to Steam - Torschützen König! Or for all of us English - Goalgetter.

In Goalgetter, we will take on the role of a talented 17-year-old football player who can become a football star or find his (un) happiness in other ways. The player can fight for the sympathy of the fans and his coach through rigorous training and performances, but good performance on the field is only half of the success because everyone knows that in football there is no profit for life. That is why it will be important for Goalgetter to invest in the stock market, raise its rating on social networks and buy expensive cars.

The possibility of gambling in a casino and cheating in matches is mentioned (maybe through bookmakers?), But unfortunately nowhere is it said whether we will be able to visit folk clubs…

Goalgetter simulator

The goalgetter will be played first-person and judging by the first screenshots, it will be a pretty static look. Admittedly, the developer promises intense 3D conversations, a realistic depiction of the footballer’s living room, and lots of funny events. Licenses probably won’t be, but the game promises 50 leagues worldwide, more than 1,000 teams, and all competitions ever.

The official face of the game will be former Brazilian footballer Ailton. Where they got him from - we'll never know.

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