Dragon Age: Origins - On this day

Dragon Age: Origins - On this day

On this day, exactly twelve years ago, Electronic Arts and BioWare introduced us to “the new shit”, as described by a trailer accompanied by Marilyn Manson’s music. Dragon Age: Origins was envisioned as a bloody fantasy RPG, the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights games. And of course, as a game in which dragons have awe.

The game underwent numerous changes during the seven-year development process, but in the final version, we played as a member of the Gray Wardens in the fight against Darkspawn and an event called Blight. Interestingly in the first versions of the story, there was no Darkspawn or Gray Wardens at all.

The specificity of Origins was that he could start in as many as six different ways depending on the chosen race and the origin of the main character. In addition to the main character, members of his troupe also played an important role. Eight of them could be recruited (and one as a DLC), and among the most prominent were the witch Morrigan and the elven charmer Zevran. Just as the game could have started in multiple ways, so the story could have ended with several different endings.

The Dragon Age was originally supposed to come to life as a PC exclusive but has since been delayed to get versions for the PS3 and X360. In the end, the PC version was quite different from those for consoles because it had an isometric camera with which the fight gained visibility and strategic element. Not to mention how the PC version was far better in terms of controls and graphics.

After its release, Dragon Age achieved significant success by selling more than three million copies, which launched a franchise from which we got comics, short stories, and various other content. The game received as many as eight DLC packages and one expansion, and later a GOTY release. The second part followed after only 15 months, which is why he achieved a weaker result, but in 2014 the series returned to the path of old glory with Dragon Age: Inquisition. A new chapter of Dragon Age is currently being developed, which will also be a kind of reboot of the series.

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