Elden Ring in 15 minutes of gameplay featured monsters and wonders

Elden Ring in 15 minutes of gameplay featured monsters and wonders

If you’ve been wondering what the Elden Ring, the most ambitious project of the Japanese From Software team, will look like, the answer is pretty simple. The game will look like Dark Souls in the open world, roughly. In today’s 15-minute gameplay show, we saw a lot, primarily in terms of new things like riding spiritual (giant) goats and moving around the world.

It has been shown that the player will be able to summon ghosts to come to his aid, and it has been demonstrated on several occasions that in the Elden Ring one should not be careful about damage when jumping from a height. But don’t think it will be easy - the huge dragon that would be the final boss in other games here is just a passing distraction when exploring the environment.

The game seems to have taken over the sneaking mechanics from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and here avoiding enemies is also an option. Just like in other From Software games, multiplayer can be extended to PvP performance, but also fully cooperative gaming.

The game will have incidental tasks, a map that we will fill in by collecting its fragments, and a whole series of dungeons for cleaning. The final location with the boss battle, in this case, Stormveil Castle, is what From Software calls Legacy Dungeon - a challenging place that has many different trajectories - some more or less dangerous.

Visually, the game doesn’t seem very advanced. What we have a chance to see is the footage from the PC version in maximum quality and 4K resolution.

Orders for Elden Ring are already open. Release date is close - February 25, 2022.

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