Gothic 2 - On this day

Gothic 2 - On this day

The year 2002 was extremely rich for the genre of role-playing games. Kingdom Hearts, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, and Divine Divinity appeared for the first time then, accompanied by the outings of greats such as Final Fantasy XI and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The sequel to the German fantasy RPG Gothic, which had a very small chance of success, also entered the crowd.

Despite being rough in appearance, Gothic 2 hid a huge amount of content and freedom in solving tasks. The player could join one of three factions: soldiers, wizards, or mercenaries. An equally interesting activity was just wandering around the beautifully designed island of Khorinis, which consisted of forest areas, swamps, a mountainous region, and an isolated island.

The research was certainly helped by the fact that Gothic 2 had a large open world with only a few loadings between regions. Although Morrowind was a much bigger game in comparison, graphically even nicer than Gothic 2, Bethesda until Fallout 4 did not reach the level of Gothic 2 where you could enter a building without loading.

Gothic 2 garnered positive reviews and a year later was launched in the US market, where PC Gamer magazine named it the best RPG game of 2003. In the same year, the game received its first and only expansion called Night of the Raven, which was later sold along with the main game. in a package called Gothic 2 Gold. That package can still be found on Steam and GOG today.

Gothic never left the PC platform and got a sequel in late 2006. The fourth part was renamed in 2010 to Arcania: Gothic 4 and under the new developer failed to replicate the magic of the deuce. The creators of Gothic have since created the Risen series which is in many ways the spiritual successor to their previous work.

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