Killzone - On this day

Killzone - On this day

On this day, exactly 17 years ago, the FPS title Killzone, directed by Guerilla Games, was added to the catalog of Sony exclusives for PlayStation platforms. The creators of the great game Shellshock Nam ’67 were given the task of creating for the PlayStation what Halo was for the Xbox. Although Sony already had the Timesplitters series, first-person shooters on the PS2 console were not widely represented as preference was generally given to a different type of game. But in 2004, Killzone launched a franchise that lived through three generations of PlayStation consoles.

Killzone was a science fiction shooter that took place in the 24th century. After planet Earth was destroyed in a nuclear disaster, humanity colonized two planets in the Alpha Centauri system. As it usually happens, two planets quarreled, two warring factions were formed, and thus a reason to shoot.

Although the first conflict between Vektan and Helhan eventually brought more unfulfilled promises, it was the foundation on which Sony built the future of FPS on its platforms. We remember that Killzone 2 was one of the games that demonstrated what PS3 titles should look like. True, it was later revealed that the demonstration was fake, but the games themselves did not look much different. The PlayStation 3 eventually turned out to be a very popular platform for FPS games, and Sony had several exclusive shooters for it, such as the Resistance series, MAG, Dust 514, and Haze.

The Killzone series has experienced five games so far. In addition to the original and two sequels on the PlayStation 3, we played Killzone Mercenary on the PlayStation Viti, and the PlayStation 4 console was launched alongside the Killzone Shadow Fall. The series is currently on hiatus as Guerilla Games develops new ideas and experiments with different development models.

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