Medal of Honor - Spielberg - On this day

Medal of Honor - Spielberg - On this day

First-person shooters were scattered on the PC platform in the late 1990s. Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament… it was all played on computers. However, a few years before Halo popularized FPS on consoles we had one exclusive spectacle for the PlayStation 1 - the war game Medal of Honor.

It is an interesting story of how the Medal of Honor came about in the first place. In 1998, renowned film director Steven Spielberg launched the cult film Saving Private Ryan. While still filming the film, Spielberg saw his son play the hit shooter for Nintendo 64 - GoldenEye at the time and wanted to make a World War II game from which young players could learn something. In collaboration with Peter Hirschmann, with whom he also worked on the film Saving Private Ryan, he designed the Medal of Honor.

In Medal of Honor, we watched fictional lieutenant Jimmy Patterson perform various tasks for the OSS intelligence agency and sabotage a Nazi opponent. The game had a total of seven missions that took place in France, Germany, Norway, and Austria. Archive recordings of the Second World War were used in the narration.

Medal of Honor was not a graphically attractive game in its time - after all, it was designed for a console that was four years old at the time. However, the studio shot at other aspects of the presentation for authenticity. The sound for the weapons in the game was thus recorded on real World War II weapons. The music for the play was composed by the famous composer Michael Giacchino. Violence in the game was reduced so blood could not be seen, primarily due to a shooting at an American school that occurred in 1999.

In addition to the single-player campaign, the first Medal of Honor had a local multiplayer split-screen format. He supported matches for two players, and he was less serious than the main part of the game, so he could play the role of William Shakespeare.

Medal of Honor picked up excellent ratings upon release and was remembered as one of the best games for the PlayStation 1 console. A year later, an even better sequel called Medal of Honor: Underground followed. Later the series moved to PC where he had several notable games. In 2010, Electronic Arts tried to revive it as a game with modern conflict, but it failed. The sequel MoH: Warfighter went even worse, so since 2012 we haven't seen any new games.

Last year, the series returned to World War II with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, directed by creators Titanfall and Apex Legends, but exclusively as a VR game for the PC.

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