The next-gen game of Pragmata has been postponed to 2023

The next-gen game of Pragmat has been postponed to 2023

Remember the game called Pragmata, which was introduced with the PlayStation 5? We haven't heard anything about her for a year and a half, and today's news doesn't change that - we just found out that we won't play the game in 2022. Finally, something has been postponed to 2023.

Pragmata is a new game from the Japanese company Capcom, which is being developed for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. Little is known about the project - it is only stated that it will be located in a dystopian future in a unique lunar world. The genre of the game is declared as an action-adventure with an SF theme.

In addition to the postponement to 2023, we also received a short in-engine video with a focus on the girl, which was also shown in the first trailer. We don’t know exactly what role the girl in question plays, but as you can see, she’s modeled in some detail - down to the tiniest eyebrows and freckles on her face.

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