See what a remake of Final Fantasy 9 that fans are working on looks like

remake of Final Fantasy 9 that fans are working

We may see the official remake of Final Fantasy 9 sometime in the next half-century, but we could see the unofficial one much earlier. Earlier this year, two fans got together and started working on a project called Final Fantasy IX: Memoria, and they soon found more manpower so now with 28 members they are going full steam ahead… to a state where they will have something concrete.

Unfortunately for other fans, Final Fantasy IX: Memoria will not be a playable project but just a work to watch. The developers have no legal basis, and Square Enix would eat them for breakfast to launch something resembling Final Fantasy 9 or bearing that name.

In any case, yesterday the creators of this project released the first video in which we can see how the fantastic world of FF9 would look in Unreal Engine 5.

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