The Sims 4 after a many years got missions

The Sims 4 after a many years got missions

The Sims games are usually played by creating your Sim, spending three hours choosing the look of bathroom tiles, realizing you don't have enough money for all the furniture you'd like, and then shutting down the game because it's too similar to real life. But as of this week, The Sims 4 offers a different form of gameplay - Scenarios.

The first "missions" in The Sims have appeared in the free supplement, which has been available since Tuesday. The idea of ​​so-called scenarios is to give players a certain challenge that they need to solve. For now, two challenges are available, namely two topics: money and love. In the “Making Money” mission, the goal is to reach millions of simoleons from empty pockets, and “Finding Love After a Break Up” gives players the challenge of saving a relationship or starting a new one in a situation where people who have broken up share a household.

Each mission has certain rules, but also several ways to achieve the goal. For example, in the "Finding Love" mission, the goal can be achieved by reconciling the quarreling people and returning to each other, or by one of them finding a new romance.

For now, these scenarios only work for the new save game, ie they cannot be activated for existing households. Still, the developers say they are working to make them available to everyone. They also emphasize that they will launch more scenarios in the future and that they will all be free for all game owners.

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