Vaccination against COVID has started at GTA Online

Vaccination against COVID has started at GTA Online

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which is one of the manufacturers of the COVID-19 virus vaccine, has conducted an atypical campaign called Vacina In-Game in Brazil. They vaccinated players at GTA Online to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination among younger generations of players.

Of course, this did not happen on the official servers for GTA Online but the role-playing server Cidade Alta, the largest and most popular GTA role-playing server for the region of South America. RP servers are otherwise unofficial servers for the PC version of GTA Online, where players themselves have control over the "rules" of the game and allow role-playing that is not possible on the official Rockstar servers. Role-playing servers are extremely popular among streamers and are largely the reason why GTA Online in 2021 is more popular than ever before.

Let’s get back to the vaccination story… Pfizer has partnered with a marketing firm for this campaign, but also with several Brazilian influencers and streamers. The vaccination was done so that the players had a mission in which they had to come to the vaccination center, and after the vaccination, the character was given a mark on his hand, which is a confirmation of vaccination. The same label in the form of merchandise was given to the streamers themselves.

Here's what it looked like:

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