Hackers stole $ 140 million from Crypto Gaming users

Hackers stole $ 140 million from Crypto Gaming users

In the latest hack targeting cryptocurrency investors, hackers stole about $ 135 million from blockchain gaming users VulcanForge, the company reported.

Hackers stole private keys to access 96 wallets, extracting 4.5 million PYR, a VulcanForge token that can be used in its ecosystem, the company said in a series of tweets on Sunday and Monday. VulcanForge's main activities include creating games such as VulcanVerse, which it describes as "MMORPG", and card games called Berserk. Both titles, like almost all blockchain games, are mostly designed to buy and sell in-game items related to NFTs using PYR, Vice reports.

In crypto, by compromising someone's private key, the game is over, because it gives complete control over the funds that are kept at the appropriate address on the blockchain.

VulcanForge published the news about the hacking on Twitter and its official Discord channel.

"Over 4 million PYR was stolen from the user's wallet. It was too early to say that this [Wallet Management Service] is Venley's end: we just don't know the cause, "the company wrote on Discord, asking users to transfer funds to Metamask, a popular wallet. "All stolen assets will be replaced when we understand what happened." Venley's technical director told The Block that his services were not compromised.

"No words can do much at the moment, and we know that," the company wrote on Twitter.

This is the third major theft of cryptocurrency in the last eleven days. The total amount of stolen cryptocurrency in these three hacks is around 404 million dollars. On December 2, it was BadgerDAO, a blockchain-based decentralized finance platform (Defi), which lost $ 119 million. The company is asking hackers to "do the right thing" and return the money. Then four days later, the cryptocurrency exchange BitMart was hacked, losing $ 150 million.

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