The next Splinter Cell is reportedly an open world game

The next Splinter Cell is reportedly an open world game

If you want the return of the Splinter Cell series - be careful what you want. According to unofficial and unconfirmed information provided by leaker Tom Henderson, the new Splinter Cell, which is currently in development, will take on the characteristics of an open-ended game.

Henderson states that the next Splinter Cell will be a kind of version of Assassin’s Creed with significantly more sneaking and hiding. The structure of the open world is reportedly similar to that of Halo Infinite. In other words, something semi-open - maybe like Metal Gear Solid 5?

A good portion of fans probably won’t be thrilled by this rumor, but it makes some sense for Assassin’s Creed to set the splint for Splinter Cell. Before moving into the RPG genre, Assassin’s Creed was an action-adventure with elements of hiding. At one point, Assassin’s Creed (Unity) even borrowed ideas from Splinter Cell, such as a silhouette denoting the last position in which the enemy saw the player.

Come to think of it, Ubisoft's games have never completely rejected stealth - they just don't force it anymore. For example, Far Cry and Ghost Recon can still be played with a quiet approach most of the time, but the choice is left to the player. Splinter Cell, on the other hand, has always been a series in which the Rambo approach has been punished, which is why it has rejected a wider circle of players that Ubisoft is targeting today with its games.

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