PC players get for free what Sony gives with a PS Plus subscription

PC players get for free what Sony gives with a PS Plus subscription

Many PS Plus subscribers were disappointed with the offer of gift games for the 12th month. The disappointment stemmed primarily from the fact that the offering is led by Godfall: Challenger Edition - a version of the action game that contains no main campaign or story. Now comes the news that makes the PS Plus offer even more disappointing - on the PC platform Godfall: Challenger Edition will be shared for free.

The Godfall endgame component will be free on the Epic Games Store from next Thursday, December 9. The giveaway will be limited in time, ie it will last for a week (until December 16), after which the Challenger Edition will continue to sell at an unknown price.

In the context of Godfall, this is not the first "injustice" for players on the PlayStation. Namely, the same Godfall cost $ 80 for the PlayStation 5 when it came out, while it cost $ 60 on the PC.

Although some will say that the subscription on the PlayStation is not paid for games anyway, for the possibility of playing online, this unfolding of events does not leave a positive image for Sony. The gift to subscribers, which is distributed elsewhere for free, is just a continuation of a series of relatively weak offers of PS Plus titles. For the past two months, games have been better on the PlayStation Now subscription offer than on the PS Plus.

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