Soccer Kid - On this day

Soccer Kid - On this day

Not all football-themed video games have always been football simulations. We also remember some that went into other genres, such as the 2D platformer Soccer Kid. The game was originally released for the Amiga in the fall of 1993 but received the most attention in the version for the Super Nintendo console, in which it appeared on this day 28 years ago.

Soccer Kid has put us in the role of Kid Kleets, a young footballer with the task of saving the World Cup. The alien pirate Scab snatched the World Cup trophy and accidentally broke it into five parts that fell to England, Italy, Russia, Japan, and the United States. Kleets, therefore, set out on a world tour to collect fragments of the trophy and assemble it into its original form.

The mentioned countries were also the locations where the game was played. Each location had three levels, with recognizable objects of each country. With the help of his soccer ball, Kid Kleets smashed the walls and, if necessary, shot angry animals and people. He could perform various tricks with the ball, such as technique, etc. The ball had its physique, but it was magical insofar as the main character could summon it to emerge from the fresh air.

The Soccer Kid has received solid reviews since its release, primarily because of its unusual premise and graphic quality. The notable success of the versions for the Amiga and SNES has resulted in a whole host of ports to other platforms such as 3DO, Jaguar, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation.

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