Suikoden II - On this day

Suikoden II - On this day

Gensō Suikoden Tsū. It is a game we know as Suikoden II, a sequel to the famous Konami RPG that began its life in 1995. Suikoden was then exclusive to the PlayStation console and with the Final Fantasy and Chrono series was considered the highlight of the Japanese RPG.

Suikoden II placed additional emphasis on the story that followed the Highland Kingdom’s invasion of the city of Jowston. It was in that city that the unnamed protagonist of the game grew up and found himself involved in the intrigue of the conflict between the two sides, together with his friend Jowy.

Just like the first part, Suikoden II was known as a game with a multitude of characters. The player was able to recruit as many as 108 comrades who could fight with him in three types of battles. In standard battles, a six-member team fought up to six opponents, on the move. Duels were 1 on 1 clash, and massive battles had a network through which units moved. The specificity of these battles was that the characters could be killed permanently.

Suikoden II was one of those games that had a poor start despite good reviews from reviewers and the players themselves. But later the game received well-deserved recognition and became more popular through the PSP console port. As of 2014, Suikoden II is available in digital editions for PS3 and PS Vito.

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