The popular game Ready or Not has lost its publisher

The popular game Ready or Not has lost its publisher

The tactical shooter Ready or Not is a hot hit on Steam where it picked up more than 9,000 player recommendations in just five days. Given the game’s growing popularity, most record labels would love to have a piece of their earnings. However, Ready or Not has just lost its publisher by amicable termination.

Team17 Digital will no longer have anything to do with this game, ie it will not be involved in its distribution and promotion. Development studio VOID Interactive claims that this is the best solution for them, and Team17 says that they wish them all the best in the future.

The reason why the contract was terminated at a time when Ready or Not is at the peak of its popularity has not been publicly stated. However, it is speculated that this has to do with plans to play in the future to get the level that takes place in the school, i.e. showing an armed attack on children. The developer confirmed plans for such a level recently, and it is possible that the publishing house Team17 did not want such publicity, believing that it could be controversial.

Armed attacks on schools are the biggest problem in the United States, where 149 such cases were recorded in 2021 alone. Ready or Not tries to be a real game with real-world situations, but fans are divided. Some are in favor of armed attacks in schools not being a taboo subject, while others believe that the limit should be drawn and that such things have no place in games.

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