Ubisoft Quartz is Ubisoft's platform for NFTs in games, arrives at Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft Quartz is Ubisoft's platform for NFTs in games, arrives at Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft has just become the first major publishing house in the gaming world to embrace blockchain technology and controversial NFTs (irreplaceable tokens). Yesterday, they launched Ubisoft Quartz, the platform that is the basis for their so-called Digits - a new type of digital cosmetics in games.

Digits are items that will be available inexpensive, limited editions of Ubisoft games. As these are essentially NFTs, every Digit - be it a helmet, boots, or something completely different - will be a high-quality item in the game, and the only one of its kind and such statistics. Thus, no other player will have an identical Digit / NFT as the owner of a particular Digit. And each owner will have a certificate of ownership.

Unlike other items we’ve received so far through more expensive editions of games, Digits won’t be tied to in-game inventory. Instead, they will be able to sell/buy outside of the game itself - for real money. By buying and selling Digits, not only the digital item in question is transferred between the seller and the buyer, but also the certificate of its ownership.

This system will be launched for testing through Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC. Testing will be limited to regions, and Croatia is not currently among them. There are a few limitations that Ubisoft sets for this system for now.

First, the number of Digits a player can own per release is limited to one. So you can't buy 10 limited edition Ubisoft games and get 10 Digits to use.

Second, Digits are only allowed to adult players. Admittedly, it is not entirely clear whether this is related to the age limit of the game (i.e. whether it will only appear in 18+ games) or the age limit of users on Ubisoft Connect.

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