Ubisoft removed the video announcement of its NFTs after 32,000 dislikes

Ubisoft removed the video announcement of its NFTs after 32,000 dislikes

Ubisoft does not cease to disappoint players with its announcements. After the announcement of XDefiant and Ghost Recon Frontline games this year caused mostly negative reactions, dissatisfaction with these games cannot be compared to what followed the announcement of Ubisoft's NFTs, the so-called Digits through the Ubisoft Quartz platform.

A few days ago, Ubisoft announced a series of cosmetic items for games, called Digits, which are essentially irreplaceable tokens. They come with limited edition games, are unique to each user, come with a certificate of ownership, and can be sold for real money. Testing of Ubisoft's first experiment on blockchain technology starts next week in the PC version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but this is now questionable because the players' reaction to Digits has been extremely negative.

On the official Ubisoft channel for North America, the video picked up 32,000 negative ratings and just over a thousand likes. In other words, more than 90% of negative reactions. If you're wondering how we know that now that YouTube has hidden the number of dislikes - there's a browser extension that can still be used to access that information.

It seems that the negative reaction surprised the team of Ubisoft itself. The company has removed the announcement video for Ubisoft Quartz, so it no longer appears in YouTube searches. It is still possible to view it at this link, but it is not publicly available.

Will the negative reaction of one part of the players deter Ubisoft from introducing NFTs into games? Honestly - very difficult. Blockchain and NFTs are "hot" things in the video game industry, no matter how much players need or don't need them. Ubisoft is the first major company to dare to present its NFT experiment, but it will not be the last. The intention to exploit the craze for NFT has already been expressed by Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, and other giants of the gaming industry.
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