Co-op and PvP shooters we will play in 2022.

Co-op and PvP shooters we will play in 2022.

In this article, we cover Co-op, and PvP titles, either FPS or TPS performances. There are a few more cooperative games, so we move on to them. Here's what comes:

ARC Raiders

ARC Riders will be a third-person SF shooter, visually impressive for one free title. In a ruined world, we will fight against mechanical opponents that no one can defeat on their own, but by collaborating with the whole team, we will have a chance to do so. Some will ask for weapons to be handled by two players, and the destruction of the opponent will require individual heroism. Tactical retreat is also possible because shooting in ARC Raiders will not solve all the problems.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

W40K: Vermintide was a fun experience, so we are looking forward to going to the city of Tertium, where we will hit violent cultists. Warhammer 40K: Darktide will once again be a party for a four-member team, and although a good portion of the gameplay will boil down to cold steel thrashing, there will also be shooting with laser rifles and other fire alternatives.



The creators of Dishonored and Prey will try their hand at a cooperative shootout for four players called Redfall. The name of the game refers to the name of an American town ruled by vampires. And not those natural bloodsuckers, but vampires created by scientific experiments who have supernatural powers of levitation, invisibility, and the like. They will be confronted by unconventional characters of strong personalities who are not exactly the most complex team but are forced to develop mutual chemistry to survive the vampire lockdown. The game is in development for PC and Xbox Series consoles.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Wonderlands are Borderland's fantasy cousin in which not only rifles, pistols, and grenades but also magic is destructive. In the monkey world designed by Tiny Tina, we will meet some new characters and fight new types of opponents, such as dragons. True, there were dragons in Borderlands as well perhaps it is better to cite a shark with legs as an example. Wonderlands would be easiest to describe as Borderlands on crazy mushrooms and best experienced in the company of three other players.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

The aliens have appeared in R6 Siege several times already, and now 18 operatives from that game will deal with a parasitic threat called Archæan. The three-member team will have to travel to the infected zones to gather the necessary info, and upon completion of the mission, will decide whether they want to take risks with even more challenging enemies for better rewards or retreat with what they have. The good thing is that Extraction will have a Buddy Pass system, so we will be able to share the game with friends who have not bought it for 14 days. And this is regardless of the platform on which they play because the game will support crossplay in all versions.

The Day Before

The Day Before is practically a Walking Dead MMO, set in America after the zombie apocalypse. You already know what that means: gathering resources, shooting zombies in the head, crafting, and all-around again. Unlike the previously mentioned games, there will also be rides that the developer says will be simulations because the game uses realistic ground deformation. We will find out in the middle of 2022 whether such a title needs such a thing.

Synced: Off Planet

Synced: Off Planet is the hope of Chinese Tencent that leads us into the battle against cyborgs. The format of the game is a bit unusual. Fifty players fight against a thousand computer-controlled opponents, and each showdown ends with a PvP segment of the game. Surviving players must reckon with each other for the most skillful to earn a departure from the map. The game is played from the third person, but there is also targeting directly over the target. The whole thing is quite reminiscent of PUBG with a sci-fi plot.


Here is proof that the Chinese Tencent is not the only force in gaming - this game is coming to us from Serbia. In Ripout, a group of players tries to break through the procedurally generated corridors of abandoned spaceships. There they are lurked by grotesque opponents who can connect to live in a stronger form. Fortunately, players also have unusual weapons, such as a live rifle that jumps on an enemy and then eats him.

SCP: Pandemic

Secure, stop and protect - these are the basic tasks of a runaway team that fights against the total extinction of the human species through the Psi-Z program. Unlike the Serbian Ripout, here we will approach the creatures much more carefully. In tactical gameplay, we will peek around corners, break doors, etc. The developers state that in SCP: Pandemic we will experience the importance of positional communication, dynamic music, and a tense atmosphere.

Ready or Not

A game that is already a big hit on Steam. It appeared in early access in late 2021 and has attracted thousands of players who call it the true successor to the former SWAT tactical series. The realistic direction of the game encourages players to resolve situations without bloodshed and a multitude of bullets fired. It can all be played solo, but it’s more interesting in a team of five players. We should get at least five more new missions and additional mods later this year.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The original Destiny fulfilled its potential only with the arrival of The Taken King expansion. The deuce has already offered a lot, but the expansion of The Witch Queen will be the first major addition in more than a year. Our destination this time will be Throne World, a wetland world inspired by the True Detective series you wouldn't believe it. The title witch queen will be Savathûn, the sister of the villain from the previous expansion of The Taken King.


If memory serves me well, Call of Duty had its cracking in space that didn’t last. However, that did not discourage the creators of Boundary - weightless shooters. Their game will, in addition to the classic shooting, bring the challenge of moving in a zero-gravity environment. We will not only target enemies but also objects where we will use the hook to attract. The boundary was supposed to come out back in 2020, but you know how it goes - time in space passes a little differently.


gives us the answer to the question of what happens when the Cold War gets too hot. In this first-person shooter, two platoons of 40+ players clash on a large map. The game has been in development for two years, and the team that helped develop Rising Storm: Vietnam is working on it. It should also be emphasized that the development team, in addition to this game, also developed I.G.I. Origins, so it is easily possible that we do not see '83 in '22.


Isonzo is the successor to the war shooters Verdun and Tannenberg. You may think that Battlefield 1 has shown you everything you should have seen since WW1 Warfare, but Isonzo thinks differently. The clashes of Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops here are thus taking place high in the Alps. As part of that mountain warfare, Isonzo will offer a new Offensive mode, as well as a record-breaking selection of mustaches and mustaches for the characters.


Exomecha is a free-to-play game whose brilliant presentation the Xbox boasted of at the unveiling of its new console. In the end, we did not welcome the game in 2020 or even in 2021, but maybe this year will be the third luck. In any case, Exomecha promises big battles of Transformer-like mechs, as well as huge explosions from all sides. Don't expect a new Titanfall, but it will be free, so it won't cost you anything to try the game on a PC or Xbox.

Splatoon 3

So that no one would say that the audience on the Switch was deprived of a shot, here is the long-awaited Nintendo exclusive that cracks the paint. After the much-noticed success of Splatoon 2, the competitive painting of squid children comes with a campaign in the new desert town of Splatlands. In-network calculations, we will have new methods of moving around the environment, as well as a new arsenal such as a tank in the form of cancer.

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