DmC: Devil May Cry - On this day

DmC: Devil May Cry - On this day

When the reboot of the Devil May Cry series was first shown in September 2010, the reactions were mostly negative. Capcom left the development of the game to the Ninja Theory team and ordered them to design the main character to be more attractive to the youth audience. The fans did not like the result at all, and neither did the creator of the series, Hideki Kamiya.

The main change in the design of young Dante was visual. Dante got a short haircut and lost his silver-gray hair color. Fans called it the "emo version" and did not want to accept it as part of the series.


However, when the game came out five years ago, it turned out that Ninja Theory did a great job and that in terms of story design, levels and action, DmC has never been better. Even Dante's hair color was somewhat meaningful and finely reasoned until the end of the game.

It didn't matter to the fans at first, so DmC recorded rather poor sales after its release. Still, 2015 came to the current generation of consoles, and Capcom after a while became pleased with the multimillion-dollar sales. The result, in the end, seemed to be bitter-sweet, as fans ultimately felt cheated, and the Devil May Cry series with the fifth installment continued as if this game hadn’t even happened.

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