Final Fantasy 7 - On this day

Final Fantasy 7 - On this day

The Final Fantasy series has been made for Nintendo consoles since its inception. The exclusivity lasted for a decade, but then came the shock - Final Fantasy 7 switched to Sony's first console - PlayStation. Admittedly, the game was not originally planned for the PlayStation alone. The Square development team also tested it on the Nintendo 64, but the vision they had for Final Fantasy 7 could not be realized on that console due to its very small game storage capacity. The team eventually opted for the CD-ROM or PlayStation, and the rest is history.

The Final Fantasy 7 script had several iterations but was essentially always conceived as a story about a mercenary Cloud Strife who will join a rebel group in the fight against the Shinra Corporation that is destroying life on planet Gaia. The characters in the game itself were caricatures, but through various animations and dialogues, they managed to develop characters to remember. The events that took place in Final Fantasy 7 were both shocking and inspiring, and the characters were etched in the lasting memory of characters like Aerith, Tifa, Sephiroth, and others.

The gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 was true to the tradition of Japanese games of the time, but it was also innovative. It was the first FF game with a three-dimensional environment, and it used the ATB system introduced in earlier games in the series to fight. The mechanics of Limit Break, also seen in the previous FF game, were further developed.

Final Fantasy 7 was one of the most expensive games of its time, but it indirectly helped it gain world fame. Namely, while the previous FF games were primarily intended for Japanese audiences, Final Fantasy 7 was the first title in the series to be localized and distributed for American and European markets.

The role of the publisher was taken over by Sony because Square did not have a branch outside of Japan at the time. Sony has invested an incredible $ 40 million in promoting the game, and it has paid off. Final Fantasy 7 was the game for which the PlayStation was bought, and even today it is considered one of the best games on the platform. It was the best-selling game of 1997 and was remembered as the second most successful PlayStation console game, after Gran Turismo.

Subsequently, Final Fantasy 7 got its version for PC, in the modern era it was adapted for mobile platforms, and it even appeared on Nintendo's console - 22 years later. In the meantime, the game has received its remake, but so far this remake has not told the whole story we witnessed in the original Final Fantasy 7.

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