Here's what you'll need to run Android games on your PC

Here's what you'll need to run Android games on your PC

Mobile games for Android and Chrome OS should get native support for the PC / Windows platform this year. This means that games like Clash Royale or Mario Kart Tour will become playable on big screens, with the help of a mouse and keyboard. That may sound unnatural, but it is definitely coming, and testing has already begun.

Unfortunately, for now, testing Google Play Games on Windows is limited to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. But we know at least what are the prerequisites for running Android games on PC.

As previously confirmed - you will not need Windows 11 for this. Windows 10 version 2004 will be enough. Specific processors are not listed, but eight-core processors are listed as a minimum. In terms of memory, you will need 8 GB of RAM and 20 GB to install the Google Play Games application. SSD installation is recommended.

Games run locally (ie without streaming from the Internet), and native support for them should result in better performance than through previous methods of emulating Android games on PC.

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