Mass Effect 2 - On this day

Mass Effect 2 - On this day

The Mass Effect series didn't have the best possible start. It was launched as an exclusive for the Xbox 360 and initially did not stand out as earlier hits of the BioWare development team. However, with the arrival of the sequel, all that changed, and Mass Effect became one of the key franchises of Electronic Arts. Mass Effect 2 was a better sequel than the fans themselves expected, and to this day, it is the best game they have ever made at BioWare.

The Mass Effect 2  further directed the series towards action with gameplay changes. Thus, the inventory system was eliminated, and (faster) health regeneration for all classes was introduced. Although some saw it as a simplification of a concept that an RPG game didn't even need, the overall quality of the game was decided by a great story with equally interesting main and secondary tasks.

The sequel also kicked off the off-road vehicle segment called the Mako, and instead brought in a planetary scanning system that was the weakest part of the game for many. It is interesting how the game came out in a very complete state within the set deadline. Namely, during 2009, the BioWare team was stricken with swine flu, which lost a lot of time in development. Eh, if they only knew what was coming ten years later… swine flu was a cat's cough. Also, due to the financial crisis that hit the world after 2008, the budget for the development of the game was significantly reduced.

Still, Mass Effect 2 didn’t end up suffering because of it. The game eventually received excellent ratings (average rating of 96 on Metacritic) and is often considered the pinnacle of BioWare's creativity. We ranked it among the ten most important games of the last decade.

The game was released for both PC, and X360 platforms were boosted by excellent ratings and sold half a million copies in the first week. A version for the PS3 console followed a year later. A total of seven extensions, or DLCs, have been launched for the game. All of these extensions are part of the Legendary Edition remaster collection.

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