BioShock's new game is stuck in development, we may not see it until 2024.

BioShock's new game is stuck in development, we may not see it until 2024.

Ken Levine, director of the famous games System Shock 2 and BioShock, founded the new studio Ghost Story back in 2014. Under the auspices of Take-Two Interactive, the studio was given complete freedom to do whatever they wanted, and their main desire was a game in which each player would have a different story experience depending on their actions.

Ken Levine was inspired by the Nemesis System from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and intended to create a game based on a similar concept. the game is not that it is not finished but so far it has not been officially announced at all.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier reveals that the Ghost Story game is stuck in development precisely because of Ken Levine, whom former employees describe as a person who is very difficult to work with. The report reveals that Levine and his team worked on an SF shooter stationed in a space station with three different groups. The game was initially a small indie project, but Levine’s ambitions grew over time, and former Ghost Story employees say they were unrealistic - he wanted to make a high-budget game with a team of 30 people.

Levine is claimed to be a stubborn perfectionist and to demotivate his associates through its iterative processes, rejecting his months-long work because something in the game does not suit him. For this reason, Ghost Story has lost several employees overtime, and although they have found a new workforce, current employees have revealed to Bloomberg that they are not sure their game will be completed in the next two years.

The positive part of this whole story is that Ghost Story employees state that they do not develop the game under pressure, ie they do not work overtime hours as was the case with BioShock. It is stated that employees are currently optimistic about the project, although it does not see the end of development… or the moment of public disclosure.

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