New Games: This Week

Hidden Deep - 24. 01. 2022. PC

Hidden Deep is an action 2D shooter with a science fiction theme. He takes us to a research station deep under the ocean, where something went wrong, and we as the leader of the rescue team need to find out exactly what happened.

The game will mostly take place in caves that we will explore by drilling tunnels, scanning the ground, and descending using hooks and ropes. Hidden Deep will be able to be played solo or in co-op, and this week will be launched in early access format and could be in development the rest of this year.

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem - 25. 01. 2022. PC

It’s not Serious Sam 5, but it’s something to snack on in the meantime. Siberian Mayhem is an independent expansion that continues the events of the fourth part. It was developed by the Russian studio Timelock, composed of long-time modders of Serious Sam games.

Stone himself does not go to Siberia for the annual but hunts the treacherous General Brand there. The adventure will take him to Tunguska and clash with some of the strongest forces of Mental's army. For new enemies, Sam will also have new weapons, from the legendary Kalashnikov to a crossbow called Perun.

Kapia - 25. 01. 2022. PC

The world was divided into East and West after a mysterious infection locked people up. Retired pilot Stefan sets himself the task of stopping the conflict between the two sides, and his granddaughter Reny unexpectedly helps him with that.

Kapia is a 3D point’n’click-type adventure, focused on puzzles with objects and dialogues with characters. For developers, this is a debut project, and you can check if they are on the trail of something using the demo version that is already available on Steam.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - 28. 01. 2022. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo tried to save Pokemon Legends: Arceus with various tactics but pirated versions of the game leaked a good half a month before launch. If like our Žarko, you are wary of spoilers and are waiting for the official release of the game, the good news is that we are only a few days away.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus sends us to build the first Pokedex and change the current tradition of the series. A slightly more open region of Hisui awaits us, performed in 3D, where we will sneak and hide to catch some Pokemon. The combat system has been completely changed, which will now allow combo moves and three styles of attack, and the biggest news is that fighting will no longer be separated from the world in which it takes place.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection - 28. 01. 2022. PlayStation 5

It's not the new Uncharted - just a collection that includes Uncharted 4 and its solo expansion The Lost Legacy. Now, these games will be running on a PlayStation 5 console in 60 frames or native 4K resolution, and there will even be an ultra-performance mode to perform up to 120 frames per second.

In addition to the audiovisual enhancement, the remasters will bring support for the DualSense controller so you can feel under your fingers all the cracking tension that Nathan and Chloe are going through.

Wanderer - 28. 01. 2022. PC VR, PS VR

Owners of virtual reality devices may want to experience a game called Wanderer in which time travels. In the role of Asher Neumann, we return to key parts of human history and prevent the end of the world in the future. The game uses a variety of arcade mini-games for its gameplay (of course fishing is here), as well as escape room-style puzzles. There will be everything from playing in front of hippies, through space exploration to shooting in war.

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