The new Twisted Metal game reportedly changed the developer even before it was announced

The new Twisted Metal game reportedly changed the developer

Twisted Metal is one of Sony's franchises that will be adapted into a television series in the future. According to unofficial information, this series should be accompanied by a new Twisted Metal game for PlayStation 5, and so far it has been rumored that the development studio Lucid Games is working on it.

That team last year launched the PS5 exclusive Destruction All-Stars that was thematically close to Twisted Metal. A month ago, the studio was looking for new employees to work on a high-budget game from Sony’s catalog. However, the VGC portal is spreading rumors that Sony has changed its plan and moved the development of Twisted Metal to a new studio.

It is stated that the task of reviving Twisted Metal was given to one of Sony's internal studios from Europe. There aren't many of them - except for those who are already working on the announced games, we are left with London Studio and XDev.

According to rumors, the change in developer for the new Twisted Metal was contributed by the poor result of Lucid's game Destruction All-Stars. Although the game was a gift to all PS Plus subscribers two months after its release, it did not receive good reviews or attract a significant number of players. It was Sony's worst-rated game in 2021, and something was wrong when the second season of it was postponed in the middle of the year… and has not yet been launched.

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