A slightly cheaper RTX is finally arriving - Nvidia has announced RTX 3050 cards

Nvidia has announced RTX 3050 cards

PC gamers remember Nvidia's GTX 10xx series as the golden age of "cost-effective" graphics cards. After the advent of the RTX series, prices went up, but not just as a result of the market situation. After the RTX series, Nvidia dropped the so-called "budget" cards from their offer, as they once had with the GTX 950 or 1050. The cheapest RTX model of the 20xx series was 2060, and the same has been true for the 30xx series.

However, now comes the announcement of a lower RTX range - RTX 3050. The card made on Ampere architecture comes with 8 GB of memory, promises gaming up to 60 fps in 1080p resolution, and all the benefits of RTX, including support for ray-tracing effects in games and DLSS upscaling method.

Nvidia decided on this move for a simple reason - they say that 75% of their users still use GTX cards. The RTX 3050 should be the most affordable product to move to newer technology. In theory, the card should cost $ 249, ie $ 80 cheaper than the previously cheapest RTX model - RTX 3060.

Of course, retail prices currently mean absolutely nothing, so it is difficult to assess whether the card will be profitable at all and perhaps more important than anything - to whom exactly. It goes on sale on January 27 this year.

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