PlayStation 3 games have reportedly started appearing in the PlayStation 5 digital store

PlayStation 3 games have reportedly started appearing in the PlayStation 5 digital store

Digital versions of games for the PlayStation 3 cannot be purchased through the PlayStation 5 console. But that might change in the future. Namely, last weekend several PS3 games were spotted in the PlayStation store search on the PS5 console. These games included Bejeweled, Prince of Persia games, and Dead or Alive 5.

It is easily possible that these games were mistakenly included in the search. Some even point out that this is not the first time such a thing has happened. However, the timing of the whole thing is fueling rumors.

The first rumor is that Sony has found ways to efficiently emulate PS3 games on the PS5 console, as indicated by a recently unveiled patent related to backward compatibility. Another rumor is that from this spring, Sony will expand its PlayStation Plus subscription service and allow games from older PlayStation consoles to be played in the more expensive subscription range. That rumor is probably true, but it is believed that these games will be run via streaming from Sony's servers, which runs counter to the advent of PS3 games for individual purchase on the PS5 console.

While emulation of PS2 games as possible on the PS4 console, and we had one example of emulating a game for PS1 on PS4 (MediEvil), emulating PS3 titles is still considered a more complex and challenging process. In case Sony has magically figured out how to solve this challenge on the PS5 console, they would be in a good position to launch the more expensive PS Plus range with a base of PlayStation hits from all previous PlayStation consoles. But none of that is even close to official confirmation.

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