PUBG: Battlegrounds has become free to play on all platforms

PUBG: Battlegrounds has become free to play on all platforms

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now a free-to-play format game, which means it can be played for free on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Simply go to Steam, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Store and download the game.

If you want to spend money on PUBG, don't worry - you can do that too. There is a premium type of PUBG account: Battlegrounds Plus, which for 12.99 euros brings to access to Ranked mode, creating Custom matches, and + 100% XP boost. Plus it is bought once, that is - it is not something you have to pay more than once.

There’s also a $ 1.99 Free-to-Play Starter Pack that brings a few cosmetic items, 500 G-Coins, 10,000 BPs, and 50 Contraband coupons.

The game has also been updated to version 15.2 which comes with new tactical items, such as a reconnaissance drone. Simulation training of the match against 99 bots was also introduced.

Interestingly, PUBG's move to free-to-play has disrupted Steam's statistics - or so it seems. The game is no longer among the ten most-played titles in the last 24 hours and is currently played by about 15,000 players, which is a suspiciously small number. So far, about 50,000 players have played PUBG in the worst periods. Admittedly, it is possible that Steam records only 15,000 new players, and that existing PUBG owners count as PUBG Plus users.

In any case, PUBG’s transition to a free-to-play model was the expected direction of movement for that game. Her popularity began to decline after the first part of 2020, just when Call of Duty: Warzone appeared. Whether switching to a free format will help the game gain a new audience - we'll find out soon.

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