The Chinese company Netease presented the game Fading City

The Chinese company Netease presented the game Fading City

Several low-budget games tried to emulate PlayStation's hit The Last of Us and didn't look their best. Fading City is now coming from China, which reminds us of TLOU, and it doesn't even look that bad… for mobile gaming.

Fading City is a game of survival in the open world, ie the city of Weidu which is shrouded in black fog and turns most people into zombies. As is usually the case in apocalyptic scenarios of this kind, the urban environment becomes full of greenery, and all interiors are dark and full of all sorts of creatures.

Now, are we exaggerating when we say that the game reminds us of The Last of Us? After all, TLOU did not invent this type of game, so let's constantly cite it for comparison. That’s true, but it’s hard not to see the links - Fading City uses the same mechanics of drawing enemy contours behind walls, the same mechanics of distracting enemies by throwing bottles…

The only notable difference between Fading City and TLOU is that this will be a cooperative game. And let's repeat once again - a game for mobile phones.

The launch date is not specified, but early access registrations should start soon.

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