A new hero, Primal Beast, has arrived in Dota 2

A new hero, Primal Beast, has arrived in Dota 2

After the end of The International, in recent years there has always been an upgrade aimed at refreshing Dota 2. Given that the pandemic continues, last year's most important Dota 2 tournament was held later than usual, which affected the upgrade expected after the winning team raises Aegis.

Four months later, an upgrade to 7.31 is available and may not be as significant as expected given the delay, but enough changes have arrived to give the game an extra layer of novelty.

The first and biggest novelty is the Primal Best hero, which we saw in a slightly different form during the last Battle Pass. In playful form, he doesn’t have all the skills we’ve witnessed, but Valve classifies him as a resilient initiator who can incapacitate both opposing and friendly heroes.

Another novelty concerns the change of Techies, a hero for whom many players do not have decent comments. Will the change of bombers soften the view of that team? For now, it is too early to have any assumptions on this issue. The jungle on the map has also received novelties in the form of new neutral units, and there are changes in the heroes themselves and items.

For those who want more details, you can look at the official website because, as is customary, it takes a lot of scrolling to review all the changes.

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