Dragon Age 4 is in the middle of development, it has lost another producer

Dragon Age 4 is in the middle of development, it has lost another producer

We recently heard a rumor that the next game in the Dragon Age series is nowhere near coming out in 2022. Now the BioWare development studio has practically confirmed that. On the official blog, they revealed that the game just came out of the planning phase last year and is now halfway through the development process.

Currently, the team is creating content for her, so the game is still nowhere near the tidying up phase. However, BioWare points out that they have a plan in place, that everyone on the team understands it, and that they are maximally focused on that plan.

Admittedly, once again there has been a change in key positions for game development. Executive producer Christian Dailey has decided to leave BioWare, so the game has lost its producer for the second time (previously left by Mark Darrah).

BioWare says that they have appointed experienced veterans to the leading positions for this project. The main producer has now become Mac Walters, who led the development of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and has been with BioWare for 18 years. The director of the game is Corrine Busche, who has been in charge of directing the series for some time.

More information on the new Dragon Age should be available later this year through blog posts and social media.

As for the next Mass Effect, that game is still at a very early stage of development. Currently, the team is experimenting with different prototypes for gameplay, and they say they are aware that it will be a very long time before we play the new Mass Effect, but quality comes first.

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