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If the PlayStation 4 era was marked by Sony’s action adventures in the open world, the PlayStation 3 era was a golden age of first-person shooters. Resistance, M.A.G., and Killzone at the time were Sony’s hopes in the fight against the Halo and Gears series. The first Killzone debuted on the PlayStation 2 console, and then Guerrilla Games released the brakes and boosted the Killzone 2 graphics on the PlayStation 3.

Killzone 2 appeared on this day 13 years ago and continued the story two years after the events of the first part. We played the role of a new character - Thomas "Seva" Sevchenko, who with his unit fought against the hated Helghast.

The sequel brought a few extra things to the gameplay. The mechanics of tilting, that is, peeking out of the shelter, was thus inserted. Support for Sixaxis controls was also used, so some actions (such as turning the valve) were performed by turning or tilting the controller.

Killzone 2 premiered at the E3 in 2005, but there is some controversy surrounding the show. Namely, the game was then demonstrated through a video that Sony said was showing real gameplay. However, it was later confirmed that it was a pre-rendered video showing the vision of Guerrilla Games rather than actual graphics and gameplay.

Luckily, visually the game four years later was still spectacular. Until Uncharted 2 appeared, Killzone 2 was considered graphically the most beautiful game of the PS3 console and the main demonstration of what is feasible on that hardware.

In addition to the story campaign, Killzone 2 also brought a network multiplayer called - watch out now - Warzone. It worked on a class-based basis, collecting badges and unlocking upgrades. The matches could be played by up to 32 players, and occasionally bots joined the action.

The multiplayer component has been getting free folders in the form of folders for a while. Unfortunately, there is nothing left of that Warzone because the servers were shut down in early 2018 and it is no longer possible to play the multiplayer component of Killzone 2.

In less than two months since its launch, Killzone 2 has been bought by more than a million players. It was a good result for Sony at the time, so two years later the game got another sequel, also for the PS3 console.

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