Mickey Mouse and Jack Sparrow will race in Disney Speedstorm

Mickey Mouse and Jack Sparrow will race in Disney Speedstorm

With the increasing mention of the idea of a metaverse, it is no wonder that we are seeing more and more crossover games. In the martial arts genre, Gandalf and Batman will fight in Multiverses, and in the racing genre, Disney Speedstorm is coming.

This is a new game from the Gameloft team, which is responsible for the Asphalt mobile series. They describe it as a fighting race in which each character has special skills, and mastering them can give him an advantage in the race with others. Other mechanics will include classic drifting, the use of nitro acceleration, and the like.

As for the characters, the colorful lineup will consist of Captain Jack Sparrow, Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Sulley, Beast, and others. The tracks to be raced will also be designed according to Disney and Pixar franchise locations.


Disney Speedstorm will be a free game (F2P) and is conceived as a live service title that will receive new content on a seasonal basis. It has been announced for PC and all consoles, and we should play the first season during the summer of 2022.

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