Mina the Hollower is a new game by creator Shovel Knight

Mina the Hollower is a new game by creator Shovel Knight

The development studio Yacht Club Games has decided to send a knight and his shovel on vacation with a new project and present us with a new heroine in the game Mina the Hollower.

Just like the previous titles, Mina will also be in retro style, ie the aesthetics of Game Boy Color games will be used. In addition, developers draw inspiration from cult titles such as Castlevania and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Therefore, Mina, the Hollower will be an action-adventure with a bird's eye view, and the development studio says that we will be greeted by a world full of mystery and horror. During this journey, in addition to using various weapons and objects, we will have to jump, avoid blows and other threats, and go underground just to successfully eliminate motley opponents.

By eliminating them and exploring the island where the game will take place, we will collect bones that we will be able to use for upgrades or convert into a trading currency. Admittedly, before we can do that, we will have to be patient because the planned release date is December 2023. On which platforms, it is not yet known.

Namely, Mina, the Hollower finances its development through a Kickstarter campaign that has already exceeded the set goal in less than a day. We would say nothing strange because they are the creators of Shovel Night who showed how they know how to make very fun and quality games.

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