The remake of Resident Evil 4 will get darker to make it scarier

The remake of Resident Evil 4 will get darker to make it scarier

We are still waiting for the official announcement of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, but unofficial information is leaking from all sides. The Fanbyte portal reports that Capcom will take some creative freedom in the remake, similar to the Resident Evil 2 remake. It is mentioned that the developers, with the remake, want to achieve a darker atmosphere as was considered in the early versions of the game.

An example of this is the change at the very beginning of the game - while Leon originally came to a Spanish village during the day, in the remake the introductory part of the game would start during the night.

Although it was dark in the original during the game, many fans still remember the foggy forest from the beginning, which was no less scary during the day. However, at the time, we didn’t know what awaited us - and most players would approach the remake with some prior knowledge. Probably Capcom doesn't want older players to have an "advantage", ie to feel brave because they know what's next for them.

Here's what the prototype versions of Resident Evil 4 once looked like, which Capcom now reportedly wants to use for processing:

It is also mentioned that the additional campaign with Ada Wong will be more substantial than in the original. It is not yet known whether it will be part of the main campaign or will remain separate, nor whether it will come bundled with the game itself or separately.

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