Remasters of PS2 games via PCSX2 emulators will soon be possible

Games for the PlayStation 2 have been able to emulate stably on PCs and other devices for several years. The most popular tool for this is the PCSX2 emulator which is still in development and is constantly gaining new capabilities. Recently, support for the Vulcan API has been added, and now one of the developers contributing to the development of the emulator has announced support for adding textures in PS2 games.

This is big and important news for game emulation as it allows unofficial fan-made “remasters” of PS2 hits. By emulating, the textures in the game can be refined and sharpened, but they are still the original textures of the game itself. In this case, for PS2 games, you will be able to insert more detailed textures that were unfeasible on the original PS2 console due to hardware limitations.

Currently, the texture insertion functionality is still in testing, but it is expected to become part of the main PCSX2 build soon.

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