Space RPG SpaceBourne 2 release date and trailer

Space RPG SpaceBourne 2 release date and trailer

SpaceBourne 2 has been announced, an ambitious sequel to the 2020 game that should be out later this year on PC (Steam). At the heart of the game will be the exploration of a vast universe, i.e. solar systems, each with unique planets that have different sizes, cities, gravity, and secrets. In space, you will also be able to encounter wormholes that will be roguelike dungeons.

Of course, to be able to fly in space you will need a spaceship that will have many modification options. Depending on the needs, whether you need a ship to dig for metal from an asteroid or a fighter who can crash five other ships on his own, the possibilities will be numerous.

SpaceBourne 2 will have diplomacy in addition to action. Building friendly relationships with various political groups will be the key to success in space. All groups will have their agendas, planets, cities, and every action will affect the relationship you have with each group. There will also be a leveling system with many possible options, and skills improvement will be possible with actions related to that skill, e.g., trading skills will improve when you buy and sell things.

It all seems intriguing and promising, but whether it will all be as good as it sounds we will find out when the game comes out on November 1, 2022.

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